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Résidence « No name » – Arc 2000 – 2*

These kinds of residences exist in all our resorts’ destinations. They gather apartments of all size but of same standing. Those apartments belong to private owner who entrust private agencies with the rent.

We do work very closely with most of the private agencies and they allow us to gather many beds in one single residence or two close residence.

Each residence has its specifity and each residences has its specific type of apartment. Apartments’ standing depends on their owner. Some apartments in Varet and Aiguille Rouge are totally refurnished and renovated.

Below you will find the main residence we rent and their type of apartment:

Main residences where we rent apartments and types are:


Mainly studios 5 (see renovated studios’ photos below)

Charvet-Arcs2000 Charvet-Arcs2000 Charvet-Arcs2000 Charvet-Arcs2000


Aiguille Rouge :

Mainly studios 4


Appartements 8/10 (renovated)


Bel Aval : studios 4


Fond Blanc : studios 4

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